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Decentralized Crowfunding Platform for Entrepreneurs, Advisors, Crypto-Experts and Investors.


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Our Core

What is REVU Coin?

REVU Coin is a revolutionary new cryptocurrency which introduces a never seen before concept in which start up companies and projects are proposed by the entrepreneur, selected by the community, and paid for by the block chain itself.

Investors can use services to divide their investments between various projects. The first version of the REVU allows startups to launch and manage crowdfunding and ICO campaigns.

  • Human Capital
  • Real Estate
  • Equity
  • Donation
  • Rewards
  • And more…

Protecting Investors' Interests

This is the era of blockchain and crowdfunding. This is the era of disruption. The emerging crypto market is comprised of a new and distinct set of investors and entrepreneurs. A new economic ecosystem has surfaced, causing substantial disruptions to the traditional payment services and banking industry.

In late February 2018, in the firm’s 10-K filed with the SEC, Bank of America admitted that cryptocurrencies were “a threat to its business model.” This was not untrue. Intermediaries, banks, and payment service providers are scrambling to keep pace.

Our Goal

We Bring together Marketplaces & Finance

Crowdfunding is a method of raising capital through the collective effort of friends, family, customers, and individual investors

This is where new and groundbreaking ideas take flight – where you find and fund the next big thing. With thousands of crowdfunding and InDemand campaigns launching every week, there’s great tech, design, and much more around every corner – often with special perks and pricing for early backers.

We are Giving You a Chance to

Connect your ideas and finances

Crowdfunding is the practice of funding a project or venture by raising small amounts of money from a large number of people, typically via the Internet.


billion USD — collected around the world in 2018


Thousands projects show on Kickstarter in 2018


Growth over the prior year


Billion raised with crowdfunding in Asia in 2018

1 REVU coin price

0.00025 BTC

Max Supply



How it all Started

Coin Design and launching
January 2018
Q 1 ►Windows & Linux Wallet Release ►Crex24 Listing ►Trade Satoshi Listing ►Masternode pro Listing ►MNO Listing ►White Paper Development ►Partnerships
Q 2 ►Business Model delevelopment beta ►Plaform expancion ►Android Wallet ►Partnerships
February 2019
Q3 ►New Exchange listing ►Sneak peek Marketing ►Partnerships
March 2019
Q4 ►Increased Marketing ►New Market Research
April 2019
In the News

Media about us


Coin Sale

How to Buy Your REVU Coins


Block Time: 60 Sec
Maturity: 15 Block
Stake Age: 60 Mins
P2P: 31335
RPC: 31336
MN 80%
STAKE: 20%
MN Collateral: 2000
Max Supply: 42,000,000

Payment Methods

REVU Coin Contract Address

The following address is for the REVU Coin Master nodes purchases. Important: this is the official wallet. do not deposit any other, it will be under your responsibility.Buy your REVU Coins Now.

Coin Structure


Experienced Crypto Enthusiasts have created this project, and found all necessary funds/investors for giving this project life, it all started as a idea so potensial inventions, and other ideas&wish could come true.

  • 30% platform Reserved

  • 20% pre sale

  • 20% Hold for future

  • 20% Founders and Team

  • 10% Reserved Funding